WordCamp Phoenix 2011

My Volunteering buddy for the day. She was a trooper!

WordCamp was AWESOME! I was fortunate to be a part of the WordPress community for 2 days, and I enjoyed every minute of it. WordCamp is everything about WordPress, blogging, websites, analytics, networking, and so much more! I met some great people, got some adult interaction, and was able to give back to WordCamp all in one flash of a weekend!

I spent part of Friday learning  how to set up word press. Look, I learned something, because here I am! I had my four month old, Emma Rosemarie, with me, so I learned as much as I could before she became a teething monster distracting everyone from learning about the greatness that is WordPress. And, yes, I am sure there is a plug-in for that, but I didn’t want to look through them all! It was neat to see how many people took advantage of the Free Friday class. I even saw Jeff Weninger, Chandler City Counselman, there getting his learnin’ on.

Saturday was the most amazing part of Word Camp. Amanda Blum, Chuck Reynolds, Sally Streble, Catherine Leyen, Amy Sellers and many more folks organized one heck of a day! I volunteered to help on Saturday, since I only really wanted to attend the Friday Free class. Emma and I were out the door at 6:30 and we were greeted with smiling faces at the Chandler Center for the Arts! I helped organize volunteer sweatshirts, serve breakfast, tell people about the zero waste aspect of the event, set up tables and chairs, help serve lunch, break down tables and chairs, & walk chairs about 1/4 of a mile down Arizona Avenue to City Hall all with a baby strapped to me! (Okay, Conrey came in the afternoon, and he had some time with Emma strapped to him as well.) It was a blast though. I would do it again, and in fact I will do it again, next year. Everything went smoothly, the food was great, the snacks were fabulous and the people were all interesting and personable. I even learned a thing or two on Saturday.

On Saturday, I had to slip away to feed Emma and I sat in on a google analytics session – The Metrics System with Joshua Ziering. I didn’t think I would understand anything that he was talking about, but I did! You would think that WordCamp is just for the die hard folk who know coding, full-time, well known bloggers, etc., but it is for any and everybody! It is a great conference for small businesses, non-profit organizations,  handmade business people. If I were to ever start an online business, I have a lot of cool tips from Mr. Ziering to keep my site fresh, full of purpose and funneling!

So, in short, I had an awesome weekend, and I am wearing my vollie sweatshirt. Yes, I will wear it to bed, and you can laugh if you want, I don’t care!

I also got some warm fuzzy’s from my day. This is part of an e-mail Catherine sent to those who volunteered. Who knew one little conference could do so much!

By helping others learn more about WordPress, the economy locally will grow, businesses will begin to prosper, ideas will foster, individuals will find their online voices, and freedom will be expressed.

One cog in the wheel can do so much! I got out and got involved in my community. Now you go out and get involved in your community, and meet some new, interesting people while you are at it!

Oh, and Elizabeth Newlin has a pretty good post about WordCamp as well. Her definition about what it is all about is better than mine.   Go and enjoy her site (She is a little funny, too!).

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