The License Agreement Data Provided To Microsoft Is Not Valid

On the screen “Install the assistant for the installation of licenses” with the error message “The license contract data provided to Microsoft is not valid”…: The error “The data from the license agreement provided is not valid” may occur for the following reasons: — This publication is provided without guarantee “AS IS” and confers no rights. The next way to fix the problem when activating RDS licenses is to try to activate the licenses via the web browser. To do this, you really need to update your 2016 “bits” to find out about MPSA. I received a bunch of licenses – but it`s useless in this scenario… but I showed my 100 licenses on my license manager. one. The type of product. B. The amount of RDS licenses acquired (z.B”10″). c.

Authorization number d. The license number. Your license server has now generated a unique system-linked license server identifier. If you do, let us know and send us the current license server ID! We`ll take the process for you and send you a new RDS key for your current access to RDS. The CAL version must match the software version of the server it accesses. Older versions of CALs cannot be used with the newest version of the server software, but the newer RDS-CAL versions can be used with an older version of the server software. More information about this letter VL: (same information valid for 2016) Please remember to mark the answers as answers if they help. If you have any comments on the TechNet subscription support, please contact If you want to use your Windows server via remote shutdown services (remote desktop services, RDS), it`s important to set the corresponding rolling service.

Your license server needs to be installed and activated, which you usually do in Microsoft VLSC itself. 6. Finally, enter the license package ID available to you and click Next to complete the activation of RDS Cals. I also tried to install them by activating web portal But it also ends in mistakes. Copy the license server ID displayed and send it to with your account number. Please don`t send a screenshot to avoid errors! For used software purchased by VENDOSOFT GmbH, we process the process of installing and activating the RDS license server with Microsoft and providing you with the keys assigned to your license server ID. The last way to install and activate RDS licenses on a Windows 2016 server or windows Server 2019 is to use your phone.

To do this, if you run the assistant to activate the server in the RD license (licmgr.exe), please dial the phone for the login method, then select your country, and then call the specified phone number. Prepare your license documents. A Clearinghouse employee helps you activate your server and install your RDS-CALs.

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