Showing Mastery of Teaching Standards

This week, I am showing how I have mastered some of the course standards for EDM 510. I will use my work from this course in order to demonstrate my knowledge. Usually, this would be done in an on-line portfolio system, but the University of South Alabama is switching from using Foliotek to LiveText. Since I am graduating after the Summer of 2017, I do not need to submit anything at this time. It is good for me to reflect on the learning I have done this semester and get ready for when I do need to submit my work to show mastery.

The first standard I will tackle is:

290-3-3-.49 (3)(b)3.(i)(I) EDM 510 The Alabama Course of Study: Technology Education.

For this standard, I learned about ALEX and everything it has to offer educators. One of the most useful tools it offers is a plethora of lesson plans that are aligned to the Alabama State Standards. I was able to competently navigate the system, find lesson plans, save lesson plans for later use, and comment on lesson plans as well.

The next standard I met was:

  • 290-3-3-.49 (3)(b)3.(i)(III) EDM 510 The National Technology 
Education Standards of the International Society for Technology in
Education (ISTE).

This standard covers understanding why technology is necessary in education today. I wrote a discussion forum post about my views on education and the use of technology. I believe I was able to rationalize the global power of technology and the need to teach and guide students to use technology to create solutions to problems facing societies all over the world.

The 3rd Standard we have covered over this course is:

  • 290-3-3-.44 (3)(c)1.(iii) Knowledge of media communication
 technologies that enrich learning opportunities.

Below I demonstrated that I am able to use interesting technologies to enrich learning opportunities. I used Piktochart to create the two slide shows about Subject-Verb agreement. There are so many valuable sites that educators can utilize to make learning more relevant and useful to today’s youth. I also made an introductory video about myself that I can post on my classroom blog, so that parents are able to meet me and get to know me before they are able to come into the classroom for Open House. Video’s are a great way to reinforce learning by explaining lessons again for students to review while they are doing their homework at night.





The Fourth and Final course standard I have mastered is:

  • 290-3-3-.44 (3)(c)4.(ii) Knowledge of the wide range of 
technologies that support and enhance instruction, including 
classroom and school resources as well as distance learning and 
online learning opportunities.

Wiki Page about Problem-Based Learning:

This wiki page shows the resources I found, and have been lucky enough to use, that use technology to enhance problem-based learning.


As you can tell, this has been a very informative class with which I have gained access to a lot of useful tools. I look forward to playing with these tools and using them in the classroom very soon!




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