Reflecting on the Semester

I am one more semester closer to getting into the classroom and fulfilling my passion. This semester, I’ve learned valuable information that will not only help me, but my students as well. Technology in the classroom has changed so much since the last time I was in the classroom, so it was great to have this time to learn, practice and gain great resources. I will take away a few things from this course, especially the assignments I enjoyed and will incorporate technology in my class a lot easier.

There are three things I will take away from this course. The first is continuing to learn even after I am in the classroom. Joining a professional organization and surrounding myself with a group of educators who are also continuing their education will help me stay focused on achieving my goal of continuing to be flexible and changing things for the betterment of my students. The next thing I will take away from this course is trying new educational tools that will make my job easier. Using Moodlecloud, Edmodo, Prezi, etc. will help make my job easier and more enjoyable for my students. Finally, I will take away learning from others. We each have our different strengths and weaknesses, and when we join forces, we make life easier and more fun for everyone!

My favorite assignments I completed had to be the assignments that taught me about new apps and sites that will help my teaching go the extra mile and engage my students further. I loved learning about Edmodo. Making quizzes, and lessons on Edmodo is so easy, and the information you are able to extract from the site is so valuable. You can look at how many students answered each individual question correctly, so you can tell if you need to hit an area again, or if you can move on. Grading is a cinch with Edmodo as well. Making my life as a teacher easier will be so valuable, especially in the first years when I am gathering my resources, lesson planning furiously, and basically reinventing the wheel for my wagon!

Incorporating technology in the classroom in a stimulating way will be a lot easier now after taking my EDM course. I have found more interactive, or Web 3.0 sites that will help my teaching and hopefully engage a higher percentage of my students than just me talking at them. The students will have more opportunities to expand their knowledge or just merely learn the subject matter they need to learn for the subject objective. I will use technology to help engage my students and to help me check for understandings and prepare and give tests. Like I said before, the amount of data I was able to receive from the free version of Edmodo blew me away. I logged in as a fake student and took my little quiz. I then logged back in as the teacher and was able to see which questions my fake student answered correctly, incorrectly, and if more students were a part of the group I would have even more data that would help my teaching. Smart boards are great, but the way they are used is what makes them so spectacular. They are not there just to show videos and PowerPoints, they are for kids to use and manipulate so that they can store the newly taught information into Long Term Memory.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and all the new learning opportunities it granted me. I do love technology, but i do get complacent and fear changing because of all the hiccups that come along with tech. I have learned to always have a backup and to never give up. The lesson may not turn out exactly as I would like, but it does always happen.





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