For week 6 in my EDM 510 class I researched Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. I also made a POWTOON to demonstrate my knowledge. It was actually a lot of fun. I looked into some other fun web 2.0 interactive sites, but I liked Powtoon the best. Below is the link to my powtoon.


I first looked at glogster, and I could not get my classmate’s creations to load. It looked like a lot of fun to make, but I thought that if my final product wasn’t visible I would be upset after all that work.

I checked out Prezi, but it was limited in the options of slides for what I wanted.

I liked blabberize, but I didn’t want to record my voice. I was not in a place without background noise.

I plan to use Powtoon to create an activity for a lesson I need to teach for my practicum course. I think the students will enjoy it, and I will enjoy creating a lesson that they will enjoy.





  1. Erin Sigler

    Loved your PowToon Melissa! Watching yours caused me to add that site as a resource to use in the future. I can see this being a great attention grabber especially for elementary and middle school children. Although I used prezi for my assignment I totally agree with you on the limited options. Enjoyed reading your post this week.

  2. Colleen Reilly

    Wow! You did great on your Powtoon assignment! I loved viewing what you created with this video! I loved how interactive it was as well as visually pleasing! You did a great job in comparing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, teaching the material, as well as providing examples for each! 🙂


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