Otpp Collective Agreement

Although the contracts have been executed at the provincial level, your local agreement may not yet be concluded. Your local union provides you with this information. Ontario Teachers` Pension Plan Board 5550 Yonge Street (on Finch Avenue) Toronto, ON M2M 4H5 Fax No: 1-800-949-8208 Email: member_inquiry@otpp.com Site: www.otpp.com Ottawa Carle ETFO/FEEO Collective Agreement Language on Retirement Download the full Language of Retirement Go to L18 in Agreement (PDF) Retirement Letter to OCDSB Download your letter to HR/ OCDSB (PDF) Earlier this year, a 1% annual salary increase has been negotiated between the Ontario government and your association. Although the contracts have been executed at the provincial level, your employer usually sends us revised information about contracts and salary information after entering into an agreement with your local association. This only applies to you if you worked in a publicly funded school during the 2019/20 school year and were affected by a collective agreement between one of The Ontario`s teachers` associations and the Ontario government. Your collective agreement indicates the days of work required per year, the rates of pay per work and the normal hours of work, which can determine the amount of balances you will receive. If you receive an hourly wage or a predetermined lump sum payment for a task or assignment, contact us to determine the impact this could have on your pension. On page 1 of your benefit bill, you`ll find “pension income” under “Key Information.” This line shows how much you earned for your pension for the 2019/20 school year. The 1% annual increase may not be included depending on whether we have received revised information from your employer. In retirement, your individual retirement rights and other financial considerations are quite complex; Therefore, if you have questions about your personal situation, you should speak directly to an Ontario Teachers Retirement Plan Benefit Specialist, a tax/financial advisor and an income security specialist at Services Canada. Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO Retirement Packages provide general and important information; do not respond to individual circumstances and do not replace the search for professional advice. We always have rigorous processes, strong governance and risk frameworks, and a team dedicated to the needs of our members. We are convinced that our strong base and long-term investment strategy are pulling us through this turbulent period.

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