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I am currently in a Master’s program for Elementary Education. I’m taking a technology and media course where we are learning about using effective technologies in our classrooms and how those technologies will enhance both the students and teachers learning and assessment of learning. This week, our challenge is to create a matrix with 4 learning principles and figure out how that learning principal will drive technology and which technology to use in the classroom.

This assignment is repetitive and I understand that the more we use, manipulate and read about the theories the better we will be at incorporating them into our teaching strategies. I would have enjoyed having a choice regarding how we wanted to┬ádemonstrate our knowledge. I tried to think of other creative ways to make my matrix, but couldn’t get my head out of the box, so I feel like I didn’t put my best effort into the activity because the finished product was not creative or unique.

Below is my matrix, and I know that this will come in handy while I am stuck trying to figure out how to best engage my students while lesson planning, so I am glad that I took the time to sit down and put it together, and hopefully, I will add to the list of theories and the corresponding strategies, accommodations, and technologies.

Learning Theory Matrix

I found this website, and it helped with different wording to describe the each theory and more of them too boot!



  1. Brennan


    I love your blog..especially the resources! I also like how you mentioned so many different specific tools and websites in your matrix. I’m looking into Nearpod now and trying to figure out ways I could use it in the future.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


  2. I love the technology that you infuse into your matrix — it’s a great resource for you as well as others. I read your post on my blog and I think we can absolutely commiserate about feeling inferior because we didn’t great life changing matrices. That being said, yours does the trick. It’s organized, thought out, articulate, and contains the important information. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to what we know!


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