This week in my EDM, Educational Media, course, we were challenged with the task of making a video. This assignment was actually a lot of fun. It was so easy with my iPhone and iMovie. It is amazing how easy technology can be, and how fast you can produce a product that can be informative and fun. This is definitely an activity that I will incorporate into my classroom. This was so easy, I know that students can make their own videos to demonstrate their knowledge about a book, or how they solved a math word problem.

I did have a problem trying to insert my website in my video. I am sure with a little more digging I could have been able to figure it out. I was not able to upload the iMovie app to my computer because of an unknown error. So, I did all of the editing and splicing on my phone.

Here is my video that I also uploaded to




  1. Jacey Mitchell

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m impressed you did all of that on your phone! Your paper slide portion of the video was visually appealing and you have an excellent speaking voice. I thought it was great how you mentioned, “I love my profession so much, I am getting a master’s at South Alabama to learn more.” What a great example you are for your students to be life-long learners.

  2. Donald Wright

    That was such a cute video. It is clear that you are a very creative person. I love the fact that you take your three children to the park and walk with them. It can be hard to pull children outside and get them to enjoy experience.
    I will have to try using my iPad in the future to make more videos. I used Movie Maker on my PC and did not really enjoy the process. I want to use videos more in my classroom and I will definitely have to try iMovie.

  3. Joe Gaston

    I was hoping someone would do a slide video. It’s a great project to do with students. Nicely done.


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