How To Negotiate A Rental Agreement

Consider hiring someone experienced in renting commercial premises to help you negotiate your lease, especially if you are not good at personal negotiations. One method that can help you here is to negotiate future extension options. If you don`t get exactly what you want by committing to a full 3-year lease, you can for example compromise with a 2-year lease with a renewal option with a very low rent increase. (As an indication, you should negotiate renewal options anyway. Cutting off future rent increases is always a good idea.) To say all this, when it comes to a retail lease agreement, there are many small things that can be negotiated and requested to make the lease in your favor. Depending on the nature of the lease you accept, your rental costume may range from paying a smaller base rent, but may be responsible for expenses such as incidentals, maintenance, and taxes, to paying a premium for the landlord to take care of all financial responsibilities. Before entering into a lease, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the landlord (or their agent) to enter into an agreement that meets your business requirements. It is important to understand and consider some important leasing issues before entering into negotiations. Tip: Owners are more willing to negotiate one in the longer term than one in the short term….

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