Hiring Hall Agreement Template

Any modification, development or assembly or fortification thus authorized remains, at the discretion of the village hall, in the premises at the end of the rental and becomes the property of the village hall or is removed by the tenant. The tenant, to the satisfaction of the town hall, must repair all damage caused by such a distance to the premises. The tenant is responsible for the fact that any catering company or operator responsible for bringing equipment such as bouncy castles to the site has appropriate and appropriate insurance including professional liability insurance. The Village Hall Reservation Administrator has the right, on behalf of the agents, to refuse any reservation for any reason, including concerns about potential noise levels and other nuisances, especially for neighbors. In this context, it is unlikely that the lobby will accept reservations for teenage and young paw parties. The tenant shall ensure that all activities on the premises of children or vulnerable adults comply with the legislation in force in this regard and that only appropriate persons have access to children or vulnerable adults. Child protection guidelines are the responsibility of the tenant. The town hall reserves the right to cancel a hire by written notification to the tenant in the event of a national emergency or similar situation of force majeure requiring the closure of the premises, or when the premises are necessary for use as a polling station for legislative, municipal or referendum elections, or if the town hall reasonably considers: that: Experience shows that there can be difficulties in simultaneously organizing a “big event” in each hall, and if a lobby is booked for a “big event”, the reservation administration may refuse a second reservation, especially if it could also be classified as a “big event”.

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