Fedex Alcohol Shipping Agreement

As there are many restrictions around shipping alcohol, you can always manage to send through FedEx. Just follow all the instructions and make sure the package is secure. When it comes to printing shipping labels, the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin seems to simplify the process. In the meantime, merchants can also use other features such as shipping labels, displaying estimated delivery dates for customers, tracking shipments and much more. Perhaps that is why transportation companies that are willing to transport alcohol out of the state – and return from abroad to the United States – do not accept alcohol emissions from consumers. That`s right: don`t even think about going to your nearest FedEx or USB with a bottle of wine or a special spirit, unless you wear an appropriate license for the manufacture, sale, distribution or importation of alcohol. (And if you do, you probably won`t read this article anyway.) FedEx`s alcohol delivery policies can be read here, while UPS`s alcohol rules – such as FedEx`s – can be found here (although fedEx is somewhat expanding its scope). We also present two WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin and Shopify FedEx App e-commerce shipping solutions. You have built-in features that allow you to send alcohol directly from your online store. So read more and get to know them. Items such as clothing materials, toys, books and electronics can be shipped easily with FedEx, almost without restriction.

Although you are allowed to send most items with FedEx, there are some that require special permission. For example, to ship alcohol items, you must follow certain strict rules provided by FedEx. They must meet their requirements and complete the necessary forms for sending spirit drinks, bottles of wine or other alcoholic items. All alcohol shippers must be licensed and allowed to ship in accordance with federal or regional laws and regulations in the states of origin and destination. You must sign an alcohol delivery contract with FedEx. This can be done by contacting your FedEx account manager. Shopify FedEx Shipping Application with Print Labels – Tracking automatically generates professional shipping labels of different sizes as soon as the customer places an order in your shopify shop (which you can print with a single click). This is one of the best features of this application.

The laws for shipping spirits to the U.S. are quite complicated, so if you are thinking of starting a company that ships alcohol, either to the U.S. or internationally, you should do a lot of research first.

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