Fdep Site Access Agreement

Contractors should be prepared with sufficient information to explain who, what, where and why “the need to access it before addressing the owner off-site. Such preparation may include copies of the source ownership contract(s) and FDEP/order employment contract, the contractor`s insurance policy statement page and a contact list with telephone numbers and postal addresses (including the FDEP website/project manager). Homeowners often have a misconception of what a surveillance fountain will look like on their property, so be prepared to show them images of a closed surveillance well. Experience has shown that such preparation can significantly improve the success of off-site access efforts. The Department of Public Procurement procures public contracts and agreements for goods and services that are often used by several public bodies. Active state contracts and agreements are listed below; For information on the types of contracts and agreements displayed, please visit the Contract and Contract Type Definition website. Use the Quick Filters buttons below to limit the list to a particular type of contract/agreement, or click the View Search Form Details button in the Search Options dialog box below to apply additional filters. Expired contracts and state agreements are listed on the State Contracts and Agreements Archive or can be viewed by selecting the Contracts/Expired Agreements option in the Search Options dialog box below. Many facilities, such as maintenance courts and office buildings, are state-owned and leased. The owner, which appears on the real estate auditor`s website, is TIITF (Board of Trusties Internal Improvement Trust Fund). Dep Division of State Lands manages leases for many public lands, including, but not limited to, certain FDOT real estate. Access to land leased by State Lands is permitted by an easement granted by the State Division of the DEP.

Below are the steps to access Preform`s assessment and/or rehabilitation work at state lands facilities: Copies of a long and short version of an off-site Prosperity Access Form are available on the website guide in the Site Access section. This section also contains the guide for contractors who have access to real estate in order to assist the contractor in accessing external access. You will find help in identifying a property owner in the search resources to find property owners, tenants or their representatives. Access to properties other than the source is often required to complete the assessment or reclamation of a contamination flag. Although permission to enter the source property for the purpose of carrying out the clean-up is a legal condition for program authorization in the Oil Recovery Strategy (PRP) or a condition for an order of approval/final judgment, there is no such de facto authorization for the real property involved in the examined introduction, but not the source of the introduction being studied. . . .

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