Draw Something – Conrey Family Style

So, I know you all know about the new hotness that is, Draw Something. Well, Conrey and I play it every night before snuggling and drifting off to sleep cuddled in each others arms. I really mean, before I kick him to his side of our King size bed, surround myself with my fortress of pillows, and if he dares encroaches on my side I kick him! Well, I have added a a fun twist to our games. At the end of each of my drawings, I add a monster eating whatever it is that I drew. It is the highlight of my night, and yes I do giggle uncontrollably as I draw the monster eating a head with blood spurting out of its mouth! When Chris see’s the monster at the end, he giggles too.

Earlier this week, Conrey put a spin on our games by taking it away from the iPhone. If you didn’t know already, he loves to leave me love notes in silly ways around the house every so often. One of his favorites is to draw on our bathroom mirror. The other morning he drew this on my side of the mirror:

Draw Something on the Bathroom Mirror

Don’t you just love Conrey’s work? Well, he has been disappointed that I have not “guessed” what he drew as of yet. So, today I thought of the perfect response. Here it is, Conrey:

Of course the monster is eating Conrey & not me!

I love you Conrey. Life is never dull with you. You keep me on my toes, and I hope I keep your life just as interesting!

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