Conduct Adjustment Agreement

b) Self-Service (if applicable) To execute an online agreement through Adjust`s self-service portal, the customer must register online with Adjust. Registration must be confirmed by adapting by sending a confirmation email to the email address indicated by the customer. There is no right to registration; Adjust expressly reserves the right to refuse registration without justification. The customer`s “Personalize” account is enabled by the user by clicking on the activation link. The user account is not transferable. The customer must keep the password secret and protect it from illegal use by unauthorized third parties. 4.3. The processing manager reviewed the correct handling of his data as well as the technical and organisational measures taken by the subcontractor in the field, continued to verify compliance with these measures and documented in writing the results of those audits during the duration of the agreement. Proof of these measures, which do not only concern the specific contract, can be provided by certificates, reports or statements of reports from independent entities (for example. B auditor, review, data protection controller, IT security service, data protection controller, quality controller) or by proper certification through computer security or data protection audits. The agreement stipulates that all parties involved will work together to seek a possible renegotiation of the 42 programmes under the Transaction and Behaviour Adjustment Conditions (TTAC) signed in March 2016. 9.3 These confidentiality obligations do not apply to documents, information and data that are publicly available or that are subsequently not made public by a violation by a party, that must be disclosed by law, court or administrative order, or which have subsequently been exempted from this obligation of confidentiality by written agreement, fax or email.

In response to the emergence of inappropriate behaviour by telecommunications service providers, in violation of existing legal, regulatory or contractual provisions – with regard to the quality of services, the availability of services to the public, interconnection and remuneration of networks, the supply of products in contradiction with technical standards, among others – fines and penalties can be applied to correct these discrepancies. In addition to the sanctions correction mechanism, ANATEL – the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency – also has instruments to regulate or promote the regulation of the behaviour of telecommunications operators in order to ensure a better service of public interest. 9.4. The transfer of personal data from the processing manager to the subcontractor and its initial activities are only permitted if all subcontracting conditions are met. The duration of the contract and the right to terminate are determined by the agreement reached between the parties in accordance with the terms and conditions and the offer and/or the transfer by the processor. It is similar and is sometimes referred to as an agreement order, judgment, transaction agreements or approval judgment. Immersing yourself in the characteristics of the treaty might even find here an example of such an agreement. Except that this is a non-persecution agreement, it is something that is done before the charge (I think by name). In my case, it will be signed after the prosecution begins.

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