Collective Agreement Ut

The formal request must be submitted through the association as sole negotiator to the board of directors. The Board reserves the right to reject any request. If the member and the board approve the separation through this process, the member receives a maximum severance pay, calculated as a normal annual salary plus one month`s additional salary for each year of employment beyond 10, up to a maximum of 12 additional months. Consequently, the maximum severance pay would not exceed 24 months` salary. This amount may be reduced in light of the office`s interest in the dismissal and the person`s employment prospects, as agreed by the member and the board. The person would be free to collect or transfer accrued pension benefits, subject to the commitment provisions of provincial legislation and all applicable income tax laws. The rate of pay used to calculate the appropriate severance pay would be the claimant`s standard rate at the time of the agreement. The member may also retire early, subject to the provisions of the Dalhousie University Pension Plan. 20.09 – With the agreement of the member concerned and in accordance with the guidelines and procedures that exist in the departments or other units for determining a normal teaching load and setting a normal administrative load, the Dean may authorize or approve: 23.18 – Members who process patent applications by the agreement of the Board of Directors with Nova Universities Technology Inc., or any other similar agency, may be asked to: sign an agreement on the product and other conditions. The manner in which severance pay is paid is carried out in agreement with the member and the board of directors, subject to applicable laws or regulations. 26.04 – Measures to postpone, relieve or avoid the state of financial constraints may include encouraging members to accept: voluntary leave, voluntary early retirement, voluntary reduction of responsibilities and corresponding salary reductions or voluntary separation, provided that prior to such an agreement between a member and the board of directors: (1) The board of directors agrees that the Dalhousie University Pension Plan Unless it shall be amended in this collective agreement and in the agreement of 13 November 1987 or by mutual agreement between the Council and the Association after the agreement of the Advisory Committee. . .


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