I am one more semester closer to getting into the classroom and fulfilling my passion. This semester, I’ve learned valuable information that will not only help me, but my students as well. Technology in the classroom has changed so much since the last time I was in the classroom, so it was great to have this time to learn, practice and gain great resources. I will take away a few things from this course, especially the assignments I enjoyed and will incorporate technology in my class a lot easier.

There are three things I will take away from this course. The first is continuing to learn even after I am in the classroom. Joining a professional organization and surrounding myself with a group of educators who are also continuing their education will help me stay focused on achieving my goal of continuing to be flexible and changing things for the betterment of my students. The next thing I will take away from this course is trying new educational tools that will make my job easier. Using Moodlecloud, Edmodo, Prezi, etc. will help make my job easier and more enjoyable for my students. Finally, I will take away learning from others. We each have our different strengths and weaknesses, and when we join forces, we make life easier and more fun for everyone!

My favorite assignments I completed had to be the assignments that taught me about new apps and sites that will help my teaching go the extra mile and engage my students further. I loved learning about Edmodo. Making quizzes, and lessons on Edmodo is so easy, and the information you are able to extract from the site is so valuable. You can look at how many students answered each individual question correctly, so you can tell if you need to hit an area again, or if you can move on. Grading is a cinch with Edmodo as well. Making my life as a teacher easier will be so valuable, especially in the first years when I am gathering my resources, lesson planning furiously, and basically reinventing the wheel for my wagon!

Incorporating technology in the classroom in a stimulating way will be a lot easier now after taking my EDM course. I have found more interactive, or Web 3.0 sites that will help my teaching and hopefully engage a higher percentage of my students than just me talking at them. The students will have more opportunities to expand their knowledge or just merely learn the subject matter they need to learn for the subject objective. I will use technology to help engage my students and to help me check for understandings and prepare and give tests. Like I said before, the amount of data I was able to receive from the free version of Edmodo blew me away. I logged in as a fake student and took my little quiz. I then logged back in as the teacher and was able to see which questions my fake student answered correctly, incorrectly, and if more students were a part of the group I would have even more data that would help my teaching. Smart boards are great, but the way they are used is what makes them so spectacular. They are not there just to show videos and PowerPoints, they are for kids to use and manipulate so that they can store the newly taught information into Long Term Memory.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and all the new learning opportunities it granted me. I do love technology, but i do get complacent and fear changing because of all the hiccups that come along with tech. I have learned to always have a backup and to never give up. The lesson may not turn out exactly as I would like, but it does always happen.





This week, I am showing how I have mastered some of the course standards for EDM 510. I will use my work from this course in order to demonstrate my knowledge. Usually, this would be done in an on-line portfolio system, but the University of South Alabama is switching from using Foliotek to LiveText. Since I am graduating after the Summer of 2017, I do not need to submit anything at this time. It is good for me to reflect on the learning I have done this semester and get ready for when I do need to submit my work to show mastery.

The first standard I will tackle is:

290-3-3-.49 (3)(b)3.(i)(I) EDM 510 The Alabama Course of Study: Technology Education.


For this standard, I learned about ALEX and everything it has to offer educators. One of the most useful tools it offers is a plethora of lesson plans that are aligned to the Alabama State Standards. I was able to competently navigate the system, find lesson plans, save lesson plans for later use, and comment on lesson plans as well.

The next standard I met was:

  • 290-3-3-.49 (3)(b)3.(i)(III) EDM 510 The National Technology 
Education Standards of the International Society for Technology in
Education (ISTE).


This standard covers understanding why technology is necessary in education today. I wrote a discussion forum post about my views on education and the use of technology. I believe I was able to rationalize the global power of technology and the need to teach and guide students to use technology to create solutions to problems facing societies all over the world.

The 3rd Standard we have covered over this course is:

  • 290-3-3-.44 (3)(c)1.(iii) Knowledge of media communication
 technologies that enrich learning opportunities.

Below I demonstrated that I am able to use interesting technologies to enrich learning opportunities. I used Piktochart to create the two slide shows about Subject-Verb agreement. There are so many valuable sites that educators can utilize to make learning more relevant and useful to today’s youth. I also made an introductory video about myself that I can post on my classroom blog, so that parents are able to meet me and get to know me before they are able to come into the classroom for Open House. Video’s are a great way to reinforce learning by explaining lessons again for students to review while they are doing their homework at night.





The Fourth and Final course standard I have mastered is:

  • 290-3-3-.44 (3)(c)4.(ii) Knowledge of the wide range of 
technologies that support and enhance instruction, including 
classroom and school resources as well as distance learning and 
online learning opportunities.

Wiki Page about Problem-Based Learning:


This wiki page shows the resources I found, and have been lucky enough to use, that use technology to enhance problem-based learning.


As you can tell, this has been a very informative class with which I have gained access to a lot of useful tools. I look forward to playing with these tools and using them in the classroom very soon!




Today, I worked with Edmodo. I like Edmodo. I think I like it for quizes and assigments better than presenting lessons.  I put a note in that has a link to a site for my students to review and take a quiz for their ticket out the door. The user interface of Edmodo is wonderful. This class has been very informative and has challenged me in many ways as an educator. Technology has moved forward so much since I was last in the classroom.

The Edmodo Group code is: 7na3wx My group is called 2nd Period.





This week my assignment in my EDM 510 class was to make a digital story. I decided to use my new knowledge about gaining experience points fast in Pokemon Go. It’s just my little way to give back to the world 🙂

I used my iPhone’s Voice Memo app to record myself, and then I e-mailed the memo to myself. I then downloaded the memo to my computer and uploaded it to my media library here on my WordPress site.

I can see how this would be useful for sending to student’s e-mails to discuss a concept they need for homework. I could e-mail an audio file of me telling the students what they will need to complete a homework assignment, and reviewing concepts we learned in class to help reinforce understanding. This is not hard to do at all. I want to work on a screencast next. It may be fun to do for going over rules to a review game I will play with students. Instead of saying the instructions 5 times while teaching middle school, I could say it once and be done!

All the amazing possibilities all due to technology!


Visuals are important to enhance student’s understanding of new information. Visuals are everywhere in society, so being able to understand what the visual is telling you, how to read it, and what to do with the information is worth teaching students. It is also vital to use your own visuals in your classroom. These visuals don’t always need to be as catchy as advertisements, or as colorful as most photographs. Using visuals in the classroom just enhance the learning process. For instance, using color only when it adds to the learning is beneficial, using drawings versus photographs is sometimes necessary to not take away from the learning experience.

I found this assignment to be difficult. I don’t know much about visual creating software, and I don’t know how to make appropriate visuals when I am not in my own classroom thinking about objectives and the most important information that students need to walk away with. So, I started with a lesson I am teaching next week on subject-verb agreement. I found a site called https://magic.piktochart.com/templates. This is what I created:


This site is just like Powerpoint to me, but I am proud that I found a site on my own. I made a flowchart for my students to start to understand the concept – subject-verb agreement. It’s not the prettiest, but I’m okay with it nonetheless. This visual falls under the organizational category.

The next visual I tried was making a cartoon to illustrate subject-verb agreement. I used toondoo.com and it was fun. I think it would be more fun if I could think of a more interesting topic!


I’m going to say this visual fits into the analogical category because it is shows a silly picture showing similarity to the lesson on grammar.

My last visual is a timeline. I decided to use readwritethink.org after reading Alex Shepherd’s blog. I decided to make it applicable to when I am teaching to demonstrate time management when completing a long project. I love assigning projects for students to do, because I love to see their creative abilities.



This timeline would fall under the interpretive category of visuals because time management is an abstract idea to many early elementary students.






This week in my EDM, Educational Media, course, we were challenged with the task of making a video. This assignment was actually a lot of fun. It was so easy with my iPhone and iMovie. It is amazing how easy technology can be, and how fast you can produce a product that can be informative and fun. This is definitely an activity that I will incorporate into my classroom. This was so easy, I know that students can make their own videos to demonstrate their knowledge about a book, or how they solved a math word problem.

I did have a problem trying to insert my website in my video. I am sure with a little more digging I could have been able to figure it out. I was not able to upload the iMovie app to my computer because of an unknown error. So, I did all of the editing and splicing on my phone.

Here is my video that I also uploaded to Youtube.com



For week 6 in my EDM 510 class I researched Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. I also made a POWTOON to demonstrate my knowledge. It was actually a lot of fun. I looked into some other fun web 2.0 interactive sites, but I liked Powtoon the best. Below is the link to my powtoon.


I first looked at glogster, and I could not get my classmate’s creations to load. It looked like a lot of fun to make, but I thought that if my final product wasn’t visible I would be upset after all that work.

I checked out Prezi, but it was limited in the options of slides for what I wanted.

I liked blabberize, but I didn’t want to record my voice. I was not in a place without background noise.

I plan to use Powtoon to create an activity for a lesson I need to teach for my practicum course. I think the students will enjoy it, and I will enjoy creating a lesson that they will enjoy.




This week, I was challenged to find a free office software that I can use if/when I don’t have access to the Office Suite for free and can not pay for it as well. This proved to be a more daunting task than I expected. Earlier in the week I tried to download OpenOffice. I have a Mac, and Macs do not like to open unidentified software from the internet. I finally found some research about the error I received and if I could get around it, and at least open OpenOffice. I decided to not use OpenOffice based on the fact that if my OS doesn’t trust the download, I am not risking fate!


To continue reading my post, please click on the attached PDF file.



I am currently in a Master’s program for Elementary Education. I’m taking a technology and media course where we are learning about using effective technologies in our classrooms and how those technologies will enhance both the students and teachers learning and assessment of learning. This week, our challenge is to create a matrix with 4 learning principles and figure out how that learning principal will drive technology and which technology to use in the classroom.

This assignment is repetitive and I understand that the more we use, manipulate and read about the theories the better we will be at incorporating them into our teaching strategies. I would have enjoyed having a choice regarding how we wanted to demonstrate our knowledge. I tried to think of other creative ways to make my matrix, but couldn’t get my head out of the box, so I feel like I didn’t put my best effort into the activity because the finished product was not creative or unique.

Below is my matrix, and I know that this will come in handy while I am stuck trying to figure out how to best engage my students while lesson planning, so I am glad that I took the time to sit down and put it together, and hopefully, I will add to the list of theories and the corresponding strategies, accommodations, and technologies.

Learning Theory Matrix

I found this website, and it helped with different wording to describe the each theory and more of them too boot!


I don’t know if this is really organization related, but decorating your door in an awesome way can help you stay focused on your theme and purpose for the year!

I saw this door photo on Pinterest today, and it made me giddy with excitement! This will happen on my door at one point during this year!

Is this not an awesome door? As a child wouldn’t you love walking through this door everyday?

This door makes me happy as well! Being Curious is what kids do best, and they should never stop!

Your door can say a lot about your class, your students, what you expect, and what they should expect as they walk in to this new wondrous world! For these door ideas and more check out Kickin’ it with Class!

Keep your life creative and full of fun, cause it wears off on those around you.