Behavior Tickets!

I think teachers are the most creative beings on the planet. There are so many happenings during one day that teachers have to deal with that they are forced to become creative, beg, borrow and steal ideas to handle every issue that hits them in the face!

Here is an amazing idea for Behavior Management that doesn’t cost you anything! This is from Mel D’s site. She is a first grade teacher with an amazing blog! This idea is perfect, instead of spending money on treasure (candy, little toys, erasers, etc) all you need to do is print out tickets for the kids to use when they earn them. One ticket is, “Sit at my desk for a day!” The students gets to sit at your desk and feel Royal for the day! Awesome idea, and it is free! This is a really great idea for those with special behavior issues. You can make tickets that are geared toward their interests, like make tickets for puzzle time, shaving cream play time, or computer time.

Isn’t this awesome?!?!?!

Check out the page where she describes this awesome classroom management tool.

Hope you enjoy these great finds, and you can utilize them to the best of your ability!



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